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Be a successful property investor

Successful investors know that being able to thoroughly evaluate a potential property deal can often be the difference between a healthy profit and a significant loss.

The problem is that there are precious few affordable resources around to help those who don't know how to determine whether their deal is a gold mine or a lemon.

Investment Detective is purpose written computer software designed to make the tasks of evaluating potential property deals AND managing the administration of your property portfolio much, much easier.

Investment Detective's friendly layout means that even the most computer-challenged users can use it confidently, and the powerful behind-the-scenes calculations means you don't need to be an accountant or maths professor to arrive at an accurate result.

What Does Investment Detective Do?

There were two aims in designing Investment Detective:
  1. To make the job of evaluating a potential property deal a lot simpler while releasing time to look for opportunities rather than being stuck behind a computer; and
  2. To allow for the results of properties already owned to be first, budgeted, and then tracked in order to create the information needed to make an accurate investment decision.
The finished product is a fantastic easy-to-use software package where all you need to do is input the basic variables (such as purchase price, amount of money borrowed, expected rent and costs) and Investment Detective will automatically crunch the numbers and present you with a comprehensive summary of the expected or actual profitability of your investment.

How Long Does it take to Use Investment Detective?

After the few moment it takes to become familiar with Investment Detective, even the most computer illiterate person can evaluate a potential property investment in less than five minutes!

Better yet, as you learn to navigate your way around the screens, you're almost certain to be able to shave hours, if not days off the time you used to spend tinkering with spreadsheets and accounting packages.

Is Investment Detective Easy to Use?

YES!, Another great feature is the product support on offer.
You can:
  • Learn at your own pace with the handy online video tutorials and in-built help function.
  • Seek support as needed using the dedicated fast-response email address
  • Gain the support of, and network with, fellow investors at the dedicated forum board at
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